Here is a list of rider pre-entries so far for 2011 (in order received for each event):

NOTE: A flyer will be sent with all return envelopes from the previous year's event.  If you already sent in your pre-entry and your name is listed below, disregard the flyer that you may subsequently receive in the mail, or give it to your riding buddies.  If your name is listed below, then you are registered. 

All riders need to install minimum 3-inch tall numbers (or larger) on the front of their bike, either on the number plate (if applicable), front fender or on the headlight lens.  Use the rider number that corresponds to your name and event below. Passengers will also need their number up front too.  Numbers can either be stickers, permanent felt marker, paint or whatever, as long as it's legible, contrasts to its background, can be seen from 50 feet, and doesn't come off if it rains. If you have no number on the front of your bike, we will write your assigned number on your bike with a large felt pen. (it can be removed later with hair spray or contact spray) or use black tape.  As usual, the first 50 pre-entries (for Black Dog and Rat Dog) get a free event t-shirt for each event, so send in your entry early! 

NOTE: The pre-ride poop sheets will be mailed back to all pre-entered riders approximately two weeks before the event (providing they followed directions and included the required TWO self-addressed, stamped envelopes). FYI, the poop sheets will also be posted on this page at that time also.

Last Updated Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Rider number Black Dog      Pre-ride Poop Sheet (PDF format)

Event: A=Adventure Ride, D=Dualsport Ride

Rat Dog  Pre-ride Poop Sheet (PDF format)
Event Friday night Saturday Sunday Bike Rider name (* = Reserved, but has not paid yet) Night ride Bike Rider name  (* = Reserved, but has not paid yet)
1 D   x   KTM 3/19/08, Kent Lusted, Aloha, OR   Yam 7/11/10, Don Smith, Bothell, WA
2 D   x x Yam 2/26/10, Kurt Smith, Maple Valley, WA x Suz 7/21/10, Katie Wallace, Kirkland, WA
3 D   x x KTM 3/12/10, Matt Herriman, Pendelton, OR x Husqv 7/21/10, Andy Wallace, Kirkland, WA
4 D   x x Kaw 8/18/10, Kymn Sturman, Spokane, WA x Husa 4/29/11, Randy Haugstad, Hillsboro, OR
5 D x x x KTM 8/18/10, Jason Mundell, Spokane Valley, WA   KTM 6/9/11, Tim Cooksey, Mulino, OR
6 D   x x Hon 10/11/10, Neil Dann, Brightwood, OR   Hond 6/9/11, Garrett Cooksey, Mulino, OR
7 D   x x KTM 12/7/10, Ray Berg, Vancouver, WA   KTM 6/13/11, Russ Brummert, McMinnville, OR
8 D   x x KTM 12/15/10, Ken Krebs, Portland, OR   Suz 6/18/11, Mike Goodwin, Vancouver, WA
9 D   x x Suz 12/18/10, Rick Chappelle, Portland, OR   Kaw 7/13/11, Kevin Cartwright, Stayton, OR
10 D   x x Kaw 12/21/10, Daniel Drury, Seattle, WA   Suz 7/25/11, Billy Toman, Oregon City, OR
11 D   x x Suz 1/10/11, Dave Schmenger, Renton, WA   KTM 7/25/11, Karl Giliam, Lynden, WA
12 D   x x Beta 1/13/11, Douglas Walton, The Dalles, OR   KTM 7/31/11, Daren Burt, Corvallis, OR
13 D   x x KTM 1/5/11, John Roe, Salkum, WA      
14 D   x x Husa 1/9/11, Dan Bouchard, Tacoma, WA      
15 D x x x KTM 1/13/11, Jeffrey Miller, Hood River, OR      
16 D   x x Hond 1/11/11, Mark Churilla, Sherwood, OR      
17 D x x x KTM 9/15/10, Dale Tomaier, Federal Way, WA      
18 D   x x Husq 4/6/10, Lonny Johnson, Eugene, OR      
19 D x x x Kaw 1/13/11, Fred Suckow, Yacolt, WA      
20 D   x x Suz 1/17/11, Jacki Thornton, Hood River, OR      
21 D   x x Suz 1/18/11, Eric DeHart, Mosier, OR      
22 D   x x KTM 1/18/11, Peter Newell, Bend, OR      
23 D   x x KTM 1/18/11, Gwen Newell, Bend, OR   Kaw 2/18/11, Chris Herling, Everett, WA
24 D   x x Yam 1/20/11, George Flanagan, Medford, OR      
25 D   x x KTM 1/20/11, Stephen Newell, Bend, OR      
26 D   x x Hon 1/18/11, Michael Brown, Grants Pass, OR   Hon 7/27/11, Michael Brown, Grants Pass, OR
27 A   x x Ural 1/19/11, Brooks Cooper, Portland, OR      
28 A   x x Ural 1/19/11, Christine Newkirk, Portland, OR      
29 D   x x Yam 1/20/11, Pat Hunter, Hood River, OR      
30 D   x x Husq 1/20/11, Tom Morisette, Oregon City, OR      
31 D   x x Suz 4/10/10, Dan Thomas, Port Angeles, WA      
32 D x x x Kaw 1/23/11, Dan Suckow, Vancouver, WA      
33 A x x x KTM 1/23/11, Brian Rawcliffe, Cle Elum, WA      
34 D x x x KTM 1/24/11, Gary Ard, Seattle, WA      
35 D   x x KTM 1/24/11, Gene Sigfrid, Corbett, OR      
36 D x x x KTM 1/25/11, Ryan Jackson, Kennewick, WA      
37 D x x x Ural 1/25/11, Steve Stone, Seattle, WA      
38 D x x x Yam 1/26/11, Curtis Snider, Mead, WA      
39 D x x x KTM 1/26/11, Phil Arpke, Post Fals, ID      
40 D   x x BMW 1/27/11, Dave Palmer, Anacortes, WA      
41 D x x x Yam 1/27/11, Russ Rasmussen, Spokane Valley, WA      
42 D   x x KTM 1/27/11, Dave Anderson, Gig Harbor, WA      
43 D   x x BMW 1/27/11, Tod Coxen, Bremerton, WA      
44 D   x x Yam 1/27/11, Katie Goad, Pendleton, OR      
45 D   x x Suz 1/27/11, Shawn Goad, Pendelton, OR      
46 D   x x BMW 1/27/11, Gordon Miller, Renton, WA      
47 D x x x KTM 1/27/11, Kent Wales, Spokane, WA      
48 D x x x Yam 1/27/11, Jason Hendrickson, Colbert, WA      
49 D   x x Husa 1/27/11, Michael Adamson, North Bend, WA      
50 D   x x KTM 1/28/11, Mike Sharp, Anacortes, WA      
51 D   x x KTM 1/28/11, Bob Hogan, Issaquah, WA      
52 D x x x KTM 1/28/11, Kenny Wolford, Bend, OR      
53 A   x x KTM 1/30/11, Bob Levy, Winthrop, WA      
54 D x x x BMW 12/22/10, Marc Gray, Spokane, WA      
55 D x x x Gas2 1/31/11, Ed Grant, Leavenworth, WA      
56 D x x x Harley! 1/31/11, Robert Grant, Cashmere, WA      
57 A   x x BMW 1/31/11, Dorian Sleeper, Olympia, WA      
58 D   x x Kaw 2/3/11, Bryan "Stefan Everts" Townsend, Aurora, OR      
59 D x x x KTM 2/5/11, Tony Sarao Rich Bolen, Bend, OR      
60 D x x x KTM 2/5/11, Kim Sarao, Bend, OR      
61 D   x x Hond 2/25/11, Kim Thiringer, Portland, OR      
62 D   x x KTM 2/10/11, Jerry Weissert, Damascus, OR      
63 D   x x Kaw 2/6/11, Kevin Anderson, Veneta, OR      
64 D   x x BMW 2/10/11, Mark Watson, Eugene, OR      
65 D   x x BMW 2/11/11, Dan Townsley, Orondo, WA      
66 D x x x Suz 2/12/11, Dean Mangiantini, Port Angeles, WA      
67 D x x x KTM 2/13/11, Charlie Hamilton, Talent, OR      
68 A x x x BMW 2/14/11, Michael Swift, Portland, OR      
69 D   x x KTM 2/14/11, Rick Kraft, Beavercreek, OR      
70 D   x x ??? 2/15/11, Adele Amos, Portland, OR      
71 D     x Suz 2/24/11, Brian McCavitt, White Salmon, WA      
72 D   x x Yam 2/25/11, Don Smith, Bothell, WA      
73 D x x x Yam 2/25/11, Ian Stromquist, Hood River, OR      
74 D   x x Yam 3/2/11, Joe Torquato, Hollister, CA      
75 D   x x KTM 3/2/11, Larry Smith, San Juan Bautista, CA      
76 D   x x Husq 3/3/11, Michael Lewis, Snohomish, WA      
77 D   x x KTM 3/3/11, Steve Kruse, Welches, OR      
78 D   x x KTM 3/3/11, William Law, Beaverton, OR      
79 D x x x Yam 3/6/11, Toby Schwalenberg, San Jose, CA      
80 D x x   KTM 3/7/11, Fred Hanson, Olympia, WA      
81 D   x x KTM 3/7/11, Laura Stephenson, Forest Grove, OR      
82 D   x x KTM 3/7/11, John Stephenson, Portland, OR      
83 A   x x Hond 3/8/11, Dan Moore, Seattle, WA      
84 D x x x Yam 3/8/11, Trevor Schwalenberg, San Jose, CA      
85 D x x x KTM 3/8/11, Byron Bentson, Elma, WA      
86 D x x x KTM 3/8/11, Cliff Bentson, Keizer, OR      
87 D   x x Hond 3/9/11, Michael Barnard, Newberg, OR      
88 D x x x KTM 3/9/11, Taylor Massey, Bend, OR      
89 D   x x Yam 3/10/11, Lisa Hill, Hamilton, MT      
90 D   x x KTM 3/10/11, Herman Hill, Hamilton, MT      
91 D x x x Kaw 3/12/11, Clint Cam, Boulder Creek, CA      
92 D   x x Suz 3/12/11, Wade Pittman, Edgewood, WA      
93 D   x x Kaw 3/13/11, Bob Widmayer, Bend, OR      
94 D   x x Suz 3/13/11, Peter Lauher, Kent, WA      
95 D   x   KTM 3/14/11, Michael Tillery, Mead, WA      
96 D   x   Yam 3/14/11, Jay Reynolds Steve Kramer, Banks, OR      
97 D   x   Kaw 3/15/11, Bradley Johns, Kennewick, WA      
98 D   x x KTM 3/15/11, Doug Wilke, Everett, WA      
99 D   x x Kaw 3/18/11, Mike Pruitt, Boring, OR      
100 D   x   Suz 3/18/11, Tom Sapp, Kennewick, WA      
101 D   x x Suz 3/19/11, Max Beach, Troutdale, OR      
102 D   x x KTM 3/19/11, Tony Planck, Beaverton, OR      
103 D   x   Hond 3/21/11, Wyatt Hoffart, Milwaukie, OR      
104 D   x x Suz 3/23/11, Patrick Crouse, Sumner, WA      
105 D   x x KTM 3/24/11, Ron Ore, Sunriver, OR      
106 D x x x KTM 3/26/11, John Kusterer, Bend, OR      
107 D   x x KTM 3/26/11, Keith Reams, Beaverton, OR      
108 D   x x Beta 3/27/11, Mark Adams, Vancouver, WA      
109 D x x x Hond 3/28/11, Lee "Bin Rydin" Riddle, Brookings, OR      
110 D   x x Suz 3/28/11, Greg White, Gresham, OR      
111 D   x x KTM 3/24/11, Todd Johnson, Bend, OR      
112 D   x   Suz 3/31/11, Kurt Becker, Beavercreek, OR      
113 D   x   KTM 4/1/11, David Brookhart, Hillsboro, OR      
114 D x x x Ural 4/2/11, Barry Conti, Kent, WA      
115 D   x x KTM 4/2/11, Mark Builder, Newport, OR      
116 D   x x Hond 4/3/11, Joseph Owens, Hood River, OR      
117 D   x x Hond 4/4/11, Ken Morrison, Hood River, OR      
118 D   x   Kaw 4/4/11, Daniel Howell, Hillsboro, OR      
119 D   x x KTM 4/4/11, Les Harvey, Happy Valley, OR      
120 D   x x KTM 4/4/11, Steve Davenport, Wenatchee, WA      
121 D x x x Hond 1/11/11, Robin Cook, Gresham, OR      
122 D   x x KTM 4/5/11, Bob Huber, Wenatchee, WA      
123 D   x x Kaw 2/18/11, Chris Herling, Everett, WA      
124 D x x x Ural 4/6/11, Dave Hooker, Arlington, WA      
125 D   x x Suz 4/6/11, Billy Toman, Oregon City, OR      
126 D   x x Hond 4/7/11, Jerry Murphy, Portland, OR      
127 D   x   Hond 4/8/11, Ricky Miles, Richland, WA      
128 D   x   KTM 4/8/11, Steve Salmon, Newberg, OR      
129 D   x   Husq 4/8/11, Lee Crickmer, Newberg, OR      
130 D   x   KTM 4/8/11, Greg Salmon, Newberg, OR      
131 D   x   Suz 4/10/11, Jay Hamilton, Chehalis, WA      
132 D   x x KTM 4/10/11, Russ Brummert, McMinnville, OR      
133 D x x   Yam 4/13, 11, Dick Stidham, Onalaska, WA      
134 D   x x KTM 2/10/11, Jimmy Cooper, Damascus, OR      
135 D   x   KTM 4/12/11, Jeffrey Andrews, Bend, OR      
136 D   x   KTM 4/12/11, Philip Dunn, Eugene, OR      
137 D   x x Hond 4/14/11, Matt Hockin, Bend, OR      
138 D   x x Kaw 4/14/11, David Hockin, Canby, OR      
139 D   x   KTM 4/14/11, Wayne Krug, Kennewick, WA      
140 D   x x Hond 4/15/11, Scott Mayers, Eugene, OR      
141 D   x x Hond 4/14/11, Jim Stroup, Redmond, OR      
142 A   x   Hond 4/18/11, Paul Moore, Seattle, WA      
143 D   x x Kaw 4/18/11, Crosby Grindle, Bend, OR      
144 D x x x Kaw 4/19/11, David Ruiz, Corvallis, OR      
145 D   x x Husq 4/21/11, Doc Loomis, Sandy, OR      
146 D   x x KTM 4/21/11, Kim Clark, Phoenix, OR      
147 D   x   Husq 4/22/11, Gregory Baumann, Seattle, WA      
148 D x x x Suz 4/23/11, Dave Seip, Eugene, OR      
149 D   x x KTM 4/23/11, Kurt Windisch, Bend, OR      
150 D   x x Suz 4/24/11, Harold Fischer, Parkdale, OR      
151 A   x   Husq 4/24/11, John Hilton, Portland, OR      
152 D   x x KTM 4/25/11, Kasey Krebs, Portland, OR      
153 D x x x Husab 4/26/11, Brad Wolverton, Portland, OR      
154 D   x x Hond 4/26/11, Robert (Andy) Drexler, Battle Ground, WA      
155 D   x   Hond 4/26/11, Pat N2moto Hemperley, Bend, OR      
156 D   x   KTM 4/27/11, Tom Todd, Seattle, WA      
157 D   x x KTM 4/27/11, Richard Larsen, Bothell, WA      
158 D   x x Hond 4/28/11, Mark Hosack, Beaverton, OR      
159 D   x x Husa 4/29/11, Randy Haugstad, Hillsboro, OR      
160 D   x x Husq 4/29/11, Mike Cowdrey, Vancouver, WA      
161 D   x x Aprill 4/29/11, Tim Troffer, Camas, WA      
162 D   x   Kaw 4/29/11, Martin Boughan, Portland, OR      
163 D   x   Hond 4/29/11, Terence Fernandes, Portland, OR      
164 D   x x Kaw 4/29/11, Scott Hartley, Hood River, OR      
165 D   x x KTM 4/29/11, Rob Livingston, Beavercreek, OR      
166 D x x x Kaw 4/29/11, Michael Higgins, Toutle, WA      
167 D   x x Suz 5/1/11, Rick Croy, Hood River, OR      
168 D   x x KTM 5/1/11, Vernon Fischer, Hood River, OR      
169 D   x x KTM 5/2/11, Dennis Tarbert, Wenatchee, WA      
170 D   x   Yam 5/2/11, Lonn Inman, North Bend, WA      
171 D   x x Kaw 5/3/11, Rich Brookover, Hood River, OR      
172 D   x x Suz 5/3/11, Brian Bucknam, Oceanside, OR      
173 D x x   Hond 5/4/11, Sean Lambert, Covington, WA      
174 D   x x Husqv 5/4/11, Dave Kurtz, Happy Valley, OR      
175 D   x   Suz 5/5/11, Jeff Castro, Portland, OR      
176 D   x   Suz 5/5/11, Corey Farrell, Portland, OR      
177 D x x x Hond 5/5/11, Ed Therriault, Wenatchee, WA      
178 D   x   Suz 5/5/11, Brian Gray, Parkdale, OR      
179 D   x x KTM 5/6/11, Dave Smith, Portland, OR      
180 D   x   Kaw 5/7/11, Bryan Williams, Parkdale, OR      
181 D   x x KTM 5/8/11, Jered Weissert, Boring, OR      
182 D   x x Suz 5/8/11, Gary Westberg, Brightwood, OR      
183 D   x x Yam 5/8/11, Dale Walker, Hillsboro, OR      
184 D   x x KTM 5/8/11, Tom Dodd, Canby, OR      
185 D   x x KTM 5/9/11, Trent Christensen, North Bend, WA      
186 D   x x Suz 5/10/11, Larry Schuermann, Wenatchee, WA      
187 D   x x Hond 5/10/11, Gary Scott, Milwaukie, OR      
188 D   x   Hond 5/11/11, Chris Musgrave, Hood River, OR      
189 D   x x KTM 5/11/11, Craig McCurdy, Hood River, OR      
190 A x x x BMW 5/11/11, Harold Cecil, Bend, OR      
191 D   x x KTM 5/12/11, Ken Ott, Woodinville, WA      
192 D   x x Yamski 5/12/11, Lane Ott, Woodinville, WA      
193 A   x x Suz 5/12/11, Devin Engelmann, Seattle, WA      
194 D   x x Hond 5/12/11, Doug Greenwalt, Troutdale, OR      
195 D   x   Hond 5/12/11, Todd Miller, Cle Elum, WA      
196 D   x x Suz 5/12/11, Charles Redding, Graham, WA      
197 D   x x Yam 5/12/11, Joe Weissert, Vancouver, WA      
198 D   x   Suz 5/14/11, Robert Streit, Newberg, OR      
199 D   x   Suz 5/14/11, Peter Overvold, Happy Valley, OR      
200 A   x   Hond 5/14/11, Norm Rickey, Gig Harbor, WA      
201 D   x x KTM 5/14/11, Chris Coleman, Happy Valley, OR      
202 D   x x ATK 5/15/11, David Wray, Los Altos, CA      
203 D x x x Hond 5/16/11, Mike Dixon, Salem, OR      
204 D   x x Kaw 5/16/11, Robert Willmers, Snoqualmie, WA      
205 D     x Ural 5/16/11, Mac Lee, Hood River, OR      
206 D     x Ural 5/16/11, Sam Lee, Hood River, OR      
207 D     x Yam 5/17/11, Mitch Gensman, Sherwood, OR      
208 D     x Hond 5/17/11, Mason Gensman, Sherwood, OR      
209 D   x x ??? 5/17/11, Michael Jordan, West Linn, OR      
210 A x x x BMW 5/17/11, Whitney Koeberle, Kirkland, WA      
211 A   x x KTM 5/17/11, John Isenberg, Duvall, WA      
212 D   x x Hond 5/17/11, Charlie Dotson, Merlin, OR      
213 D x x x KTM 5/17/11, Peter Dempsey, Bend, OR      
214 D     x Kaw 5/18/11, Jason Thorp, Gresham, OR      
215 D   x x Kaw 5/18/11, Rey Mendez, Elma, WA      
216 D   x x Kaw 5/20/11, Curt Young, Milwaukie, OR      
217 D x x   Hond 5/21/11, Benjamin Lambert, Kent, WA      
218 D   x x Hond 5/22/11, Bryan Wavra, Keizer, OR      
219 D   x   ?? 5/22/11, Daniel Falk, Eugene, OR      
220 D x x x Hond 5/23/11, Dr. Dave Newell, Sherwood, OR      
221 D x x   Yam 5/23/11, Ronnie Harris, Bothell, WA      
222 D   x   KTM 5/23/11, Aaron Treadwell, Hermiston, OR      
223 D   x   KTM 5/23/11, Pete Treadwell, Meridian, ID      
224 D   x x Husa 5/23/11, Phil Dowdey, Mukilteo, WA      
225 D   x x Kaw 5/23/11, Jim Pederson, Hood River, OR      
226 D x x   Yam 5/24/11, Tom Judge, North Bend, WA      
227 A   x x KTM 5/24/11, Jason Slutsky, Portland, OR      
228 D   x   Yam 5/25/11, Lucas Baker, Redmond, WA      
229 D   x   Suz 5/25/11, Mark Baker, Redmond, WA      
230 D     x BMW 5/25/11, Rainier Helmke, Beaverton, OR      
231 D x x x Kaw 5/25/11, Andy Wade, Hood River, OR      
232 D x x x Kaw 5/25/11, Monkey Boy, Hood River, OR      
233 D x x   Suz 5/26/11, Mike Kelly, Everett, WA      
234 D   x x KTM 5/26/11, Josh Burch, Hamilton, MT!      
235 D   x   Suz 5/26/11, Steve Graf, Camano Island, WA      
236 D x x x Hond 5/26/11, Randy McAfee, Keizer, OR      
237 D   x x BMW 5/26/11, Richard Smith, Gresham, OR      
238 D   x   Hond 5/26/11, Bill Luettgerodt, Lake Oswego, OR      
239 A   x x Kaw 5/27/11, Scott Brown, Portland, OR      
240 D   x   Suz 5/27/11, John Rokus, St. Helens, OR      
241 D x x x Husa 5/27/11, Tim Smith, Redding, CA      
242 D   x x KTM 5/27/11, Don Newman, Portland, OR      
243 D   x   Kaw 5/27/11, Dylan Vogt, Eugene, OR      
244 D   x   Kaw 5/27/11, Danny Elkins, Happy Valley, OR      
245 D   x x KTM 5/27/11, Andrew Townley, Redding, CA      
246 D   x x KTM 5/27/11, [Mr. Last Minute]Gary Lande, Milwaukie, OR      
247 D   x x KTM 5/27/11, Steve Lavigne, Sammamish, WA      
248 D   x x KTM 5/27/11, Tom Stein, Hillsboro, OR      
249 D   x x Hond 5/27/11, Jonathan Rall, Bend, OR