Black Dog AMA National Dualsport Ride 

ZigZag, Oregon 

July 8~9, 2000

(most) photos by Tom Niemela

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Dan and Randy competing for the same spot through the water.
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Yes, there was snow!
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Dan Hatcher doing a front-wheel 'stoppy' on Bald Butte.
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Dan pushing his drowned out scoot.
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How narrow was this bridge?  Notice Randy's broken blinker.
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Dan leads the way through the Daisy Trail.
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Jim Dukes crossing the Narrows Bridge.
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Canadian Lisa Bierlmeier shows her glee after the ride.
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The Albert Brothers. Notice the black dog on front fender.
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Sweep crew God, John Hughes.
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Dah $300  Winnah!
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We even had pit tootsies!
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The always crazy Lee Riddle!
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l-to-r: Gunny Claypoole, Suzuki's Lori and Rodney Smith and Mike Webb. 
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Ron and Loretta Rice watching as Lisa putts.
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Sunday's lunch stop at Ken's Market.
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Even the big bikes have a good time.
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Snow makes a great sidestand.
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Lee Riddle's bike with panoramic powerlines.
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Helmet-cam dude, Doug Bragg.
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Craig Albert at Trillium Lake.