Black Dog AMA National Dualsport Ride 

ZigZag, Oregon 

July 7~8, 2001

(most) photos by Tom Niemela

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Jun 20 2001
7:53:31 pm
Randy with Mt. Hood in distance.
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Jun 26 2001
10:15:55 am
Randy, Dan and I at the start of Old Barlow Road.
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Jun 26 2001
1:39:02 pm
Randy, just milliseconds after a front-wheel washout/lipskid.
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Jul 4 2001
5:55:50 pm
Dan stopping for gas in Hood River.
He found a mascot black dog friend.
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Jul 4 2001
6:44:45 pm
At the top of a AA section above Hood
River.  This trail dropped off way steep!
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Jul 4 2001
7:44:02 pm
Dan at the top of scenic Bald Butte.
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Jul 4 2001
8:17:39 pm
While exploring, a doe and fawn darted out.  The doe took off and the fawn froze on the ground.  We took a quick pic and took off.
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Jul 5 2001
2:24:10 pm
Jim ponders the existence of such a bloodthirsty creature as the wild, mountain jackalope.
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Jul 5 2001
2:26:37 pm
Jim and his sponsor: Moose.
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Jul 5 2001
6:48:48 pm
Jim and the summit of Bonney Butte.
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Jul 6 2001
8:03:29 am
   Gunny Claypoole showing his custom sweep sign, with NOHVCC's Russ Ehnes in background.
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Jul 7 2001
9:24:28 am
Helmet-cam dude, John Bridges
from Omak, WA.
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Jul 7 2001
4:41:49 pm
Dualsport sweetheart, Lisa
Bierlmeier, all the way down from Vancouver, Canada, eh.
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Jul 7 2001
4:42:43 pm
OMRA Webmaster, Bill Law.
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Jul 7 2001
5:02:20 pm
Tim Erickson had already finished
day one and changed from his gear.  He forgot to do the final game, so he borrowed a 'big' bike.
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Jul 7 2001
5:03:49 pm
All the way from Sweden, Christian Motonen easily won the long-distance trophy award!
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Jul 7 2001
5:25:37 pm
Mt. Scott M/C's Jim Allison tackles the final points game of day one.
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Jul 7 2001
5:38:39 pm
World-famous Billy Toman starts out on the final day's points challenge.  Nice plate number, Billy.
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Jul 7 2001
5:46:18 pm
Billy Toman shows his appreciation of the dust on the course!
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Jul 7 2001
7:04:22 pm
Only major accident of the weekend was a broken wrist of Mike Green.  He rightfully won the Hard-Luck award!  (Notice the right-side handlebar is toast).
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Jul 8 2001
8:48:08 am
Reverend Ron Loomis called all the way from Lost Wages, Nevada for his first Dog.  Ron is tons of fun.
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Jul 8 2001
1:11:19 pm
Craig Alberts shows his support of the Black Dog on the front number plate.
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Jul 8 2001
2:19:18 pm
The wild and crazy Lee Riddle came all the way from Brookings, Oregon.  Lee always cracks us up.
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Jul 8 2001
3:11:17 pm
Father and son, John and Kevin Kaczka  rode two up on the event.
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Jul 8 2001
4:03:08 pm
The Godlike B sweep crew of John Hughes and Jim Dukes.
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Jul 8 2001
4:53:21 pm
Kevin Kaczka won the Youngest Rider award, and his Sis was the trophy girl.
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Jul 8 2001
5:16:14 pm
$300 cash prize winner, Phil Butler!
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Jul 8 2001
5:50:33 pm
Gunny Claypoole at the end of sweeping day two.
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Jul 8 2001
5:50:55 pm
Another Godlike sweepcrew member, Gunny Claypoole.
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Jul 8 2001
5:53:03 pm
Dr. Daryl and Reinee Reid at the end of the day.  Great people, great help.
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Jul 8 2001
5:53:27 pm
Randy Beadle, Lisa Bierlmeier and Dan Hatcher at the finish.
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Jul 8 2001
9:49:04 pm
Frank Noe at the end of the weekend.
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Jul 9 2001
10:28:56 am
Dan Hatcher and Lisa Bierlmeier all proud after creating a funnel from a Chips Ahoy bag!
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Jul 9 2001
10:36:39 am
Lisa shows that she's not afraid to get her hands dirty.
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Black Dog Sign.jpg
This sign originally said "Watch For Ice", but it was briefly modified for the Black Dog!  Randy Beadle photo.
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Check Point 1 Dummy.jpg
Joe and Julie Barrell had a stuffed dummy at their checkpoint.
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Gorgeous shot with Mt. Hood in background.  Photo by Tyler Maddox.
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Awesome water crossing pic.  Photo by Tyler Maddox.
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Killer panorama shot at summit of Bonnie Butte.  Photo by Randy Beadle.
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Wheely.  Photo by Tyler Maddox.
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Photo by Tyler Maddox.
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Al Fetterly at summit of Bonnie Butte.  Photo by Tyler Maddox.
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May 24 2001
2:12:06 pm
Rick Higgins doing his best Fabio imitation!
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Jul 1 2001
10:26:45 am
John Hughes pushes his stalled bike to meet Jim Dukes' drowned bike.  This was a short day.  :-)  Jim Dukes Photo.
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Jul 5 2001
8:36:21 am
Randy and Tom check the map.
Jim Dukes Photo.
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Jul 5 2001
11:06:07 am
Tom clears a windfall.  Jim Dukes photo.
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Jul 5 2001
1:19:14 pm
Two Toms.  Jim Dukes photo.
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Jul 5 2001
4:48:44 pm
Mr. Serious.  Jim Dukes photo.
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Jul 5 2001
4:49:32 pm
Jim sporting the dirt moustache.
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Jul 6 2001
7:08:36 pm
Tom does the pre night-ride talk.  Jim Dukes photo.
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Jul 6 2001
7:23:32 pm
At the staging area with the NOHVCC big rig in the background (just before the night ride).  Jim Dukes photo.
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Jul 7 2001
6:41:31 pm
John Hughes at the end of the day.  Jim Dukes photo.
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Jul 8 2001
8:32:54 pm
Gunny's sweep sign.  Jim Dukes photo.
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Jim Dukes and Walt Koch.
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Jim Dukes at the summit of Lolo Pass.
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May 30 2001
3:44:39 pm
Jim Dukes on his BMW GS100 on Hwy. 43.
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May 30 2001
1:06:35 pm
Jim Dukes exiting "Allison's Tunnel Of Love".
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Little Crater Lake panorama shot.  Jim Dukes photo.
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A panorama shot from above Hood River.

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May 24 2001
6:05:09 pm
Trail God, Joe Lawry.
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Jun 13 2001
12:16:37 pm
Randy Beadle styling for the camera while trail scouting.
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May 24 2001
12:50:43 pm
"Rocket" Rick Higgins above Parkdale.
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May 24 2001
11:34:18 am
Rick Higgins on Middle Mountain.
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Tom Kingsley Trail.jpg
Tom cutting a windfall at Kingsley Trail.  Randy Beadle photo.
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Walt Koch styling for the camera.  His hair should be on fire!