12/21/16 Polaris Side-By-Side Break-In Ride

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12/21/16 Polaris Side-By-Side Break-In Ride

Postby Tawmass » Fri Dec 23, 2016 7:15 pm

Brought home the Polaris side-by-side the day prior and my friend Tiny Knight called and asked if I wanted to go out on an ATV ride with him and Willy. I figured that this was a perfect time to do a break-in ride on the Polaris. We unloaded at Kane Creek and made our way to the top via Chicken Foot Intersection. Tiny and Willy were on their quads and I was running the SxS for the first time. Wow, was it cold!

We got to Lily Prairie and met up with JackL and SteveR, who were working on the new foundation of the storage building. We then headed out Boundary Road and back. Again, it was freezing cold, but fun! I'm a dirtbike guy, but have to admit, the SxS is a fun machine! It's actually quite amazing where they can take you.

The plans for the SxS is to use it for recon or rescue at events, plus allow members to take out politicians, disabled vets or inner-city kids to enjoy the outdoors.

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