Dualsport Rider Magazine

Since 2000, with the help of Beaverton Honda-Yamaha, we have produced an annual magazine titled Dualsport Rider Magazine that was delivered throughout the Northwest via our mailing database of thousands.  This has been an extremely successful, snowballing effort that has been a lot of stress, but fun to produce.  It started out as just a magazine/flyer for our events, but has blossomed into an annual thing.  Starting in 2002 we delivered over 15,000 copies through our database, plus the AMA's dualsport database and the response was overwhelming!  We had  plenty of people ask for a subscription even - whew!  The 2003 issue was sent to over 23,000 readers.  It again went out free to all AMA registered dualsporters. We also went out to our own database.

We only have a few, but if you want a current or (if available) back issue(s) sent to you, mail in a self-addressed, stamped MANILA envelope with enough postage for a mag or two and we can send it back to you.  Send the envelope to the address on the 'Information' link on main page and make a note of what it's for.

We offered it for free (by being an AMA dualsport member or be on our mailing database) and have no subscription options.  If this gig continues to be successful, maybe we'll consider a subscription.  Due to finances, we unfortunately haven't had an issue since 2005, but we hope we're able to get it rolling again!

Our archives of past issues!


Our 2005 issue of the magazine with Walt Koch on the cover!  Together with the AMA, we went nationwide again with over 25,000+ copies! If you were an AMA member and registered as a dualsport rider, you should have received a free issue in the mail.


In this issue: Riding in Copper Canyon, Mexico, EarthRoamer Dualsport RV review, dualsporting a Honda CRF250X and more.


Our 2004 issue of the magazine!  Together with the AMA, we went nationwide again with over 20,000 copies!


In this issue: Dualsporting in Costa Rica, Automatic Clutches, GPS tips, Sidecar Dualsporting, WR450 Project Bike articles and more.


Our 2003 issue of the magazine with Frank Noe on the cover!  Together with the AMA, we went nationwide again!


In this issue: The Desert Grandeur Ride, The AAYWA GPS Event, Black/Rat Dog Rides, Baja Lessons and AMA and Blue Ribbon Coalition articles.


Our 2002 issue of the magazine.  Together with the AMA, we went nationwide!  Click here to see the props we got from the AMA!  
Our 2001 issue with Dan Hatcher on the cover.
Our inaugural 2000 issue with Randy Beadle on the cover.