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Last Updated Sunday, December 05, 2010

Welcome to the Scaredy-Cat Ride site!

Due to personal reasons, Dan will no longer be organizing the Scaredy Cat Ride. It was fun while it lasted!

What:  an easy adventure-bike ride targeted at larger, bikes and sidecars, but any dualsport bike will do fine. The ride will consist of gravel and pavement only. This is not a 'typical' dualsport ride, but a ride where you have to think, plan your routes and enjoy.  Think of it as a mapped, scavenger-hunt ride, with rollchart backups and options. We will also have a single rollchart loop too, if you want something more typical.

Who: Anyone from newbies to experienced riders, with an adventure-touring, scavenger-hunt theme.

Where:  Just 6 miles north of Detroit, Oregon at Fox Creek Campground. Click HERE and HERE for the two maps to get there.

When: September 12, 2010

Why:  because we want to, we love riding in our public forests and it's fun!

CLICK HERE for up-to-the-minute updates from Danno and his Scaredy Cat Ride!

  • 3/23/10: The Scaredy Cat Ride is now officially cancelled. Sorry for any inconvenience!

  • 12/1/09: The 2010 Scaredy Cat Ride will be: September 12!

  • 9/10/09: The PreRide Sheet is posted! (in the List of Entries Thus Far page) Go download it for event info!

  • 9/2/09: The event flyer is officially posted in the link above!

  • 8/5/09: Danno is again posting his latest event updates in the Scaredy Cat Forum on our Message Board, so be sure to go there to see all his latest updates for the event!

  • 7/9/08: Danno is posting his latest updates in the Scaredy Cat Forum on our Message Board, so be sure to go there to see all the latest updates!

  • 11/4/07:The date is set: September 14, 2008, so make plans now!

  • 8/24/07:This year's pre-entries will receive GPS info including track logs for Garmin, coordinates for check points, resets, quiz checks, and directions to the check points.  Everything will be emailed during the week before the ride.  Stay tuned to the message board in the Scaredy Cat forum!

  • 8/14/07: We have the flyer now posted, so go snag it and get signed up!

  • 11/14/06: We have an official dates for 2007 of September 9!

  • 9/5/06: If you don't ride this event, then you don't like to have a good time!  If you haven't already sent in your entry, please don't, since we will be leaving Thursday, so you'll need to bring your entry with you, or sign up at the event. Looking forward to seeing you all there! The Pre-Ride Poopsheet will be posted probably tonight - sorry, I'm on Danno Standard Time! The Rider Pre-Ride Poop Sheet is now posted (just click on the List Of Entries Thus Far link)!  

  • 8/21/06: We got the flyer posted! Click the link on the left to grab it and send it in! 

  • 4/17/06: We finally set it up so you have the option to signup/register online! Click the link on the left to signup today!

  • 3/31/06: We've changed the date for the Scaredy Cat to September 10! Please make note of it! The date was changed due to all the snow. The Cascade 150 will now be on the 9th!

  • 1/11/06: We have bumped up the date for '06 and will be our first event, so keep checking back for updates! We will be making it part of a two-day event with the Cascade 150.

  • 8/18/05: I've posted some pre-ride poop sheet info on our message board.  I suggest everyone CLICK HERE to check it out before the event.  See ya all there!  -Danno

  • 8/17/05: Thanks to our buddy Walt, Mo Lowman (sp?) from KGW ( local TV station) is planning to come early Sunday. Mo, a Motorsports reporter and Motorcycle enthusiast, is putting together a show on track and off-road riding. We hope to get some positive coverage for our sport. That means everyone should act grown-up and I'll try extra hard! NOTE: Rider's Meeting will be at 7:30AM SHARP!  Danno

  • 8/15/05: I've posted some answers from a list of questions from a rider on our message board.  CLICK HERE to check them out. -Dan

  • 8/6/05: There are some preride photos that Danno took.  CLICK HERE to go see them!

  • 7/18/05: The Scaredy Cat flyer is posted - finally!  Click on the link on the upper left to download a copy, fill it out and send it in!   

  • 4/2105: It's official: August 21 is the date! Mark your calendars! We're still finishing up on the flyer, so stay tuned!

  • 3/9/05:  Due to scheduling issues, it appears we will move this ride into middle/late August, so stay tuned.

  • 12/3/04:  Due to ODF requiring Mt. Scott M/C to push their Simple Simon Dualsport out one week, the Scaredy Cat Dualsport has been officially moved up one week.