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Last Updated Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Welcome to Blackdogdualsport.com!

CLICK HERE for the Black Dog | CLICK HERE for the Rat Dog

We are an organization that promotes positive & responsible OHV use in our public and private lands. We primarily focus on dualsporting, but promote all responsible OHV use.

At the present, we host two events per year: the Northwest's biggest dualsport ride -  The Black Dog 2-Day Dualsport & Adventure Ride and the Rat Dog Dualsport Ride. These events  take place in Oregon. On these events our B and C courses are incredibly easy, scenic, adventurous and fun, but our motto for the  A and AA routes are, "Your Mother didn't lay out these courses!"  We pride ourselves on offering an enjoyable ride for ALL levels of bike & rider, whether you're a beginner or an ISDE veteran.  If you are from out of state, this is an opportunity to ride in one of the most beautiful, pristine and historic areas of the Northwest. 

If you have any questions that this site does not answer for you, please feel free to Email Us or post something on our Message Board.  Please email us if you would like on our flyer mailing list!   - Tom Niemela and NW Tour & Trail

The Black Dog Dualsport Ride


Latest updates

Be sure to go to the Black Dog, Rat Dog or Dog Face links on the left to get the latest info for each event!

  • 11/10/15: Another event? Yes, it's true! We plan on hosting the Dog Face Ride in Southern Oregon, so keep checking the link on the left for all the latest info!

  • 8/24/15: We are considering hosting a dualsport ride in Southern Oregon. CLICK HERE to let us know if it's worth it or not!

  • 12/6/13: We have submitted the proposed event dates for both events for 2014 to the AMA for approval as national events - wish us luck! Also, more Rocky Mountain Race Gas cards should be in your mailbox as we discovered they send cards for each event day, not simply the event!

  • 1/24/13: We now offer the Rocky Mountain Race Gas Program to all event entrants! CLICK HERE to read about it! 

  • 11/28/12: We have submitted the proposed event dates for 2013!

  • 2/20/12: It's official for 2012: The Black Dog will again be part of the AMA National Dualsport Series AND Adventure Series!

  • 12/20/11: We want to wish you all a very, merry Christmas and happy New Year!

  • 12/19/11: The dates for the Black Dog and Rat Dog events have been submitted and we look forward to another super year of great riding!

  • 6/9/11: Now that the Black Dawg is done, be sure to click on the Rat Dog Ride page to get all the latest info about this year's event!

  • 1/5/11: Be sure to click on the Black Dog Ride page to get all the latest info about this year's event! Same thing on the Rat Dog!

  • 12/5/10: We now have the Black Dog National and Rat Dog events solidified for 2011 - yes! Pssst, listen, we're also thinking about hosting a dualsport ride at a new, super-secret location in Eastern Oregon - don't tell anyone yet! 

  • 8/14/10: After a very fun Rat Dog Ride, our events are done for the year! Time for us to start planning for 2011!

  • 6/16/10: Be sure to go to the Rat Dog page to get all the latest updates for this event!

  • 3/30/10: Be sure to go to the Black Dog page to get all the latest updates for this event!

  • 3/23/10: Sorry to say that we will not be able to offer the Scaredy Cat Adventure Ride for 2010.

  • 2/9/10: The Black Dog Flyer is now posted, so sign up today!

  • 2/8/10: The Black Dog online signup page had a hiccup, but is now fixed.

  • 12/1/09: The Black Dog, Rat Dog and Scaredy Cat event dates have been secured for 2010! Click their respective pages to see the dates!

  • 9/18/09: The Scaredy Cat was also a blast and thanks to those of you that put your thinking caps on! FYI, our October Dualsport Ride is cancelled, so see you next year!

  • 8/5/09: The Rat Dog Ride was a blast - thanks everyone! Also, be sure to go to the Scaredy Cat page on the left for all updates for Danno's upcoming event!

  • 7/5/09: Be sure to go to the Rat Dog page on the left for all updates for the event!

  • 6/9/09: The Black Dog is done and we had a blast - hope you did too! Next up, the Rat Dog and Scaredy Cat Rides!

  • 4/12/09: Be sure to go to the Black Dog page on the left for all updates for the event!

  • 1/26/09: We've uploaded the '09 Black Dog flyer - go check it out on the Black Dog page!

  • 12/23/08: We want to wish everyone a very, merry Christmas and a happy, safe and prosperous New Year that brings you plenty of riding!

  • 10/6/08: Due to various reasons, (primarily opening day of rifle season in Washington), the 2008 Rat Dog Dualsport is cancelled.

  • 9/30/08: I'm back from sabbatical, so Rat Dog updates will be posted on the Rat Dog page. Obviously our 9/27 event didn't happen, but the Rat Dog is definitely on!. -Tom

  • 7/10/08: The Scaredy Cat Flyer is updated an posted, so go check it out!

  • 6/10/08: Wow, thanks to everyone's help and attendance, the Black Dog was a HUGE success! We had a blast!

  • 4/22/08: We've updated the Black Dog entries, so check 'em out.

  • 3/6/08: We have some cool updates/additions to this year's Black Dog, so go to that page and check them out!

  • 2/26/08: We have our Black Dog flyer posted! Go to the Black Dog link on the left to snag it!

  • 1/3/08: We hope you had a great New Year and have plans on doing plenty of riding this year!

  • 11/4/07: The dates for our events are posted on their respective pages, so check 'em out and make plans to join us in 2008!

  • 10/16/07: This year's Rat Dog Dualsport is now officially canceled, due to various reasons. Click on the Rat Dog Site to get more details.

  • 8/25/07: This year's Scaredy Cat pre-entries will receive GPS info including track logs for Garmin, coordinates for check points, resets, quiz checks, and directions to the check points - we're pushing the GPS stuff! 

  • 8/14/07: Things are happening for the upcoming Scaredy Cat Ride, so go to the Scaredy Cat page to get the latest info!

  • 8/7/07: FYI, the Rat Dog is officially rescheduled to October 27, so make plans to show up!

  • 7/2/07: For any Black Dog updates, go to the Black Dog Ride page (on the left)!

  • 6/13/07: The entries are starting to roll in, so if you haven't pre-entered, you may want to get on it. We think we'll have another great Black Dog course this year!

  • 5/22/07: The Black Dog flyer is now posted! Along with the on-line entry option, you also have the standard method of downloading the flyer and sending in. Plus it answers questions you may have, so download and send in your entry today!

  • 5/21/07: Looks like we have a new sponsor - Ural! Let's hope we get even more sidecars at our events! Click on their logo on the left to check out their website!

  • 5/4/07: Finally got my printer working, so now I'll play catch up on the pre-entries, get them posted and get the Black Dog flyer posted too! 

  • 3/8/07: AMA has us officially listed on their Adventure Series!

  • 2/22/07: AMA finally got their event listing error figured out, so we're officially listed HERE.

  • 2/11/07: AMA has also added the Black Dog as part of their new Adventure Riding Series! CLICK HERE to read about it.

  • 1/22/07: For those of you wondering, yes, the Black Dog is an AMA National event, but AMA messed up on their paperwork. Hopefully they'll update their site soon.

  • 1/8/07: We posted a GPS article in the Product Reviews section - go check it out!

  • 1/4/07: We have the 2007 list of dualsport events posted on our Calendar page, so check it out and start making plans!  

Go to the Archives section to see prior updates

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