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So what's up with this requirement for a rollchart holder thingy?

Roll Chart HolderMost all dualsport events give directions to the riders via one of these legacy devices.  They're basically a paper scrolling unit enclosed in a plastic case.  The picture shows one example.  All NW Tour & Trail roll charts are geared toward this style.  They clamp around your handlebar, so you can roll it as you ride along in a safe manner. 

Tip: Mount it on the LEFT side of your handlebar, so you can roll it with your left hand or thumb, while still controlling the throttle with the right hand. 

All NW Tour & Trail events provide standard 2" wide paper roll charts, although there are wider holders available out there.  We also recommend getting something similar to the ones shown  (where you can see more than one line).  There are some out there that allow you to only see one line of route directions at a time and have a magnifier lens at that point.  We suggest not getting this type.  This style would be nice if you didn't have to flip to the next line so often, but on dualsport events, the other styles pictured are ideal.  Get one now at your local dealer and it will last you for years to come.  We HIGHLY recommend having one for your bike, otherwise your ride will be slightly less than miserable, so get one today.

Oh, and you MUST have a resetable odometer too!  Don't laugh, one year somebody showed up with a bike that didn't have that feature. (We had no idea that a manufacturer would actually make such an item.)  It is ideal to have an odometer that can be adjusted either forward or backward. The best items with this feature are a stock enduro dirt bike odometer or an enduro computer, which is our preferred choice.  At a minimum, it MUST be resetable to zero, which is how most off-the-shelf dualsport bikes come equipped.

Night Use: Starting in 2001 we began offering a short night ride too. So how will you see your route if your holder is not lit up? The best cure for this is to easily drill a small hole in the side of your holder and wire up a small bulb with an on/off switch.  Then wire into your electrical system off the bike.  Other options are to do the same thing, but with batteries.  You could also duct tape up a small flashlight (on the holder or on your helmet) and carry some spare batteries.  So many options!  And finally, don't forget to try it out at night first!  You will soon realize that you will probably want to cover one side of the bulb with an opaque material so the beam doesn't shine in your face.  Now you're set!  Don't forget to adjust your headlight beam for the best night viewing too!