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All the good stuff from the past.

What happened to the Scaredy Cat Ride? / What happened to Dualsport Rider Magazine?


  • Rat Dog Archives: 10/6/08: After much thought, we have decided to cancel this year's Rat Dog Dualsport due to various reasons, primarily that it is opening day of rifle hunting season in Washington. Contact me if you have any questions, and we are extremely sorry for any inconvenience. -Tom

  • 9/30/08: After being gone for two months on sabbatical, I'm back and will be working on the Rat Dog! Will post updates as they happen. -Tom

  • 7/16/08: We've changed our minds and the 2008 Rat Dog will be in the Tillamook State Forest (although we may still have another ride in Washougal, WA).

  • 11/4/07: We have a date for the '08 Rat Dog: October 11! It will be in Washougal, WA area, so plan to attend!

  • 10/16/07: We have officially canceled this year's Rat Dog due to various reasons such as staging-area concerns, permit costs, lack of pre-entries to justify costs, etc. We have a very cool route set up, so that work is all finished for next year, but the other items still need to be addressed. Apologies to those of you who pre-entered. We will either credit your entry or refund your money. Contact us if you have any questions. Sorry for any inconveniences.

  • 9/26/07: We have the route established, but we haven't nailed the staging area quite yet. Hope to have it solidified after this weekend!

  • 8/7/07: The 2007 Rat Dog is officially rescheduled to October 27! Yes, we know that it conflicts with the 24-Hour GP, but open slots are sparse. Plans are to have it in the Washougal, WA area, so stay tuned!

  • 7/23/07: Change of plans, folks - we're rescheduling this year's Rat Dog to either late September or October, so stay tuned for updates. Oh, we're probably going to change the location also.

  • 11/14/06: We've got a 2007 date set for August 25, plus planning on a new location - stay tuned!

  • 10/27/05: I finally got around to posting my articles for the Black Dog and Rat Dog rides in the Chronicles section. Go there to give 'em a read!

  • 10/19/05: We are planning on making some sweeping changes to the format and locations of the Black Dog and Rat Dog events, so stay tuned. We'll let you know what happens once the smoke clears!

  • 10/2/05: The 2005 Dualsport Rider Magazine should have arrived in your mailbox! If not, click the Mag link on the left to find out how to get a copy.

  • 9/7/05: The Rat Dog is done and that's it for our events this year - whew! We plan on doing plenty of just plain riding now, so hope to see ya'll on the trail!

  • 9/7/05: The Rat Dog Preride Poopsheet is posted, so goto the Rat Dog page and give it a read!

  • 8/25/05: Next event is the Rat Dog! Be sure to watch the Rat Dog page for the latest updates! 

  • 8/19/05: It's time for the Scaredy Cat! Weather is gonna rock, so hope to see you all there!!!

  • 8/14/05: The Scaredy Cat is this weekend and the weather should be great! Go to the Scaredy Cat page to view a list of Q&A's. Hope to see you all there!

  • 7/22/05: Sorry folks - my domain was down for a day or so. All is taken care of now! Also, I just heard that the next issue of our Dualsport Rider Magazine is in process of finally shipping - woohoo!

  • 7/18/05: The Scaredy Cat flyer is now up - finally! Go to the Scaredy Cat page to snag a copy of it!

  • 7/12/05: The Black Dawg is done!  Go to the Black Dog page to see the summaries...

  • 7/6/05:It's Black Dog time! Go to the Black Dog link on the left for the latest updates.

  • 6/30/05: Go to the Black Dog page to see what restrictions the USFS are now imposing on us! Not good.

  • 6/7/05: The flyers went out today for those that included the required, stamped envelopes from last year. If you've already pre-entered, just pass the flyers to friends - the more, the merrier! 

  • 5/26/05:WOOHOO! Our rollchart solution works, babeee! NO MORE TAPING/CUTTING!

  • 5/24/05: Looks like we may have a solution for rollcharts! We think we found a way (somewhat expensive) to make our charts so the riders don't have to assemble them!  Stay tuned...

  • 5/2/05: The BlackDog site was down all last weekend due to technical difficulties, but all is good and fixed now. Apologies for any inconveniences!

  • 4/21/05: The Black Dog and Rat Dog flyers are now posted! So go fill them out and start sending them in!  (We're still working on the Scaredy Cat flyer, so stay tuned)

  • 3/10/05: The Scaredy-Cat Ride is officially rescheduled to August 21, FYI.

  • 3/6/05: Looks like the Scaredy-Cat Ride will get rescheduled again and pushed out to August.  Stay tuned for the date.

  • 1/13/05:  Due to various issues, the Black Dog is officially rescheduled back to July 9~10! Please make a note of this.

  • 12/3/04:  Due to scheduling issues with the Simple Simon Dualsport, the Scaredy Cat was moved up one week.

  • 11/29/04:  We plan on having options and features for the GPS-inclined riders for our 2005 events, so stay tuned.

  • 11/12/04:  The 2005 event calendar is posted, so go check it out! Also, we got a date for the Scaredy_Cat Ride!

  • 10/28/04: We are bumping up the 2005 Black Dog date to be the weekend 'before' July 4th weekend on: June 25~26. We want to have less fire-season issues. Set your calendars accordingly!I

  • 10/17/04:  I "finally" posted some ride reports of the last few Black/Rat Dog rides and others in the Chronicles section!

  • 10/8/04:  We now have a webpage for Danno's Scaredy-Cat Ride, so keep checking there for updates!

  • 10/2/04:  Go to our Message Board and check out our new Scaredy-Cat Ride that Danno is planning on putting on next Spring!

  • 9/22/04:  For those of you that signed up for this year's Soggy Rat Dog, we plan on doing something special for ya'll at next year's ride. Whatever it is, we will make sure that you feel like you got your money's worth! 

  • 9/20/04:  The "WET" Rat Dog is in the books!  Go to our Message Board to read the full story! 

  • 9/13/04:  Rat Dog Ride is this weekend!  Click the link on the left for latest updates!

  • 8/17/04:  You should all be receiving your latest issue of Dualsport Rider Magazine in the mail!  If not, click the link on the left to see how to get one.

  • 7/13/04:  Woohoo, the Black Dog is done.  Another good time had by all!

  • 6/11/04:  Yeesh, less than a month for the Black Dog!  Be sure and check updates on that page!

  • 6/7/04:  Ok, we now have a new, improved message board - with no darn popup ads.  Click here to go check it out!

  • 5/27/04: If you have broadband, check out this awesome and humbling display of riding talent, by clicking HERE!

  • 5/7/04: Looks like we won't be able to host the free dualsport ride after all.  Our main man, Randy (who was going to head up the ride), had some sudden changes, where he didn't have the time.  Maybe next year!

  • 4/30/04: Our own Gunny & Laura got a new pooch, but we can't tell if it's a Black Dog or a Rat Dog! Click here to decide for yourself!

  • 4/20/04: Turns out the poll program I was running was inserting spam on this site, so it got nuked!  Will see if I can find another polling program.  Email me if you know of a good one!

  • 4/15/04: The next issue of our Dualsport Rider Magazine is in the final review stage - woohoo!  It's packed full of good stuff we think you'll enjoy.  .

  • 4/1/04: Since it's April Fool's Day, click here and beat our score! 

  • 3/30/04: Senator Ron Wyden plans on increasing the acreage in Mt. Hood N.F. for more wilderness, which could severely affect the Black Dog.  Click here, here and here to read about it.

  • 3/16/04: Did a little site maintenance, so let me know if something's not working right..  

  • 3/14/04: The NOHVCC Annual Conference in Oregon is done and was a HUGE success!  Time to get back to setting up our events now.  Black Dog entries are rolling in!

  • 1/28/04: For you early-entry folks, the Rat Dog Flyer is now posted!

  • 1/11/04: I've added a new poll (FINALLY!) on the right.  Be sure and cast your vote!

  • 1/8/04: The 2004 Event Calendar is postedClick here to check it out!

  • 12/31/03: HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here's hoping you get plenty of riding in for '04!

  • 12/17/03: Click here for our Christmas Card to you all!

  • 12/10/03: For those of you looking for that early rider number, the Black Dog flyer is now posted!

  • 12/3/03: Thanks to our hackin' bud, Vern, click here to check out what we have in store for the 2004 Black Dog!

  • 12/2/03: Posted another ride report (24-Hour GP Race)  in the Chronicles section. 

  • 11/26/03: The 2004 'List Of Entries' has been posted.  Let me know if you want on the list early!  -Tom

  • 11/11/03: Next Spring we're thinking of having a free dualsport ride in a new area - pot-luck style, in appreciation of everyone's support.  Stay tuned!  

  • 11/4/03: The Bulldog Dualsport on Nov 9 has officially been cancelled due to insurance reasons! 

  • 10/7/03: A gaggle of us are heading up to ride the Gifford Pinchot NF trails this weekend to get away and have some fun.  Stay tuned for the ride report!

  • 9/26/03: We REALLY timed it right and got lucky again for this year's Rat Dog.  The local weather is supposed to get into the 90s again this weekend.  The weather Gods like us. 

  • 9/24/03: Looks like our friends at Applegate Roughriders are getting the runaround from BLM and had to change their date for the Bulldog Dualsport to Nov 9th due to elk season.  Your copy of Dualsport Rider Magazine should be landing in your mailboxes about now!

  • 9/23/03: Well, now that Rat Dog's done,  now it's time for some fun riding for us.  Seems like all we do is spend time setting up for our events, so now we're making plans on just some fun rides elsewhere.  Gifford Pinchot NF in October will probably be our next venture!

  • 9/9/03: We got rain! This should allow the Rat Dog event permission to use trails!

  • 8/26/03: Changes for this year's joint 2-day ride with Lobos M/C!  Go to Rat Dog section to read about it.

  • 8/19/03: Finally got the full Trask ISDE historic documentary from Trask M/C.  Check it out in the Chronicles section - it's a good read!

  • 8/7/03: Yes Martha, this year's edition of Dualsport Rider Magazine is finished!  Click here to read about it!

  • 8/5/03: Posted another ride report in the Chronicles section. 

  • 7/23/03: After a lapse of reason, posted the Simple Simon ride report in the Chronicles section.  Got a few more of them to catch up on!

  • 7/21/03: If you would like a tape of Doug's helmet-cam video, go to the Black Dog page and get the details!

  • 7/16/03: Wow, that was a hoot!  Done with the Black Dog and now time for the Rat Dog!

  • 7/3/03: Please refer to any further Black Dog updates by clicking the Black Dog logo on the right.  

  • 6/28/03: Happy birthday to me!  JD and I are taking our daughters out and Dog scouting today.  Will be hot out! Devil's Head ISDE race tomorrow

  • 6/27/03: Be sure to check out the latest updates at the Black Dog page for the event, as there will probably be daily updates there.

  • 6/24/03: Want to incorporate GPS info for the Black Dog, so email me if you have any particular requests of what to offer.

  • 6/9/03: Want to send some props out to our friends in Washington and their Dirty Face Dualsport Ride on June 21.   

  • 6/4/03: We have a new sponsor, none other than our friends at ThumperTalk.com - go check them out!  We've submitted all articles/photos for this year's Dualsport Rider Magazine, so waiting to see what all will fit.

  • 5/29/03: Posted a great ride report from our bud, Milo, about his dualsport trip in Costa Rica  in the Chronicles section.

  • 4/17/03: Posted another ride report in the Chronicles section.

  • 4/16/03: Just purchased a Garmin-5 GPS and have plans to list some waypoints for our events, per your requests.  Pretty cool toy, although we're still learning it!

  • 4/7/03: Posted another ride report in the Chronicles section.

  • 3/13/03: Posted another ride report in the Chronicles section.

  • 3/9/03: Our friend Vern sent us in a very cool article about sidehacks and off-roading.  Go to the Chronicles and check it out! 

  • 3/6/03: I've updated this main page to hopefully take care of the issues of some dialup users not having the hotlinks work.  Please let me know if there are anymore problems with it! 

  • 2/26/03: I've had two reports of the links on this site not working.  Both reports were from people with dial-up internet, so I've lowered the graphics on this page.  Email me if you are having a problem at: TawmN@aol.com

  • 2/19/03: Interested in a night ride on Friday night of the Rat Dog?  We could do a really good, dark and fun course.  Click here to let us know!

  • 2/17/03: The Rat Dog flyer is now posted too.  Go to the Rat Dog section to get it.  Also added another (snowmobile) Ride Report in the Chronicles section. 

  • 2/8/03: The Black Dog flyer is finally posted!  Go to the Black Dog section to snag it. Still working on the Rat Dog flyer...

  • 2/6/03: After a wee lapse, posted another ride and OMRA Awards Banquet report in the Chronicles section. Yes, I am working on the flyers for the upcoming events.  Gotta nail down some specifics, then I'll post them. 

  • 1/1/03: Posted some great mud-race photos in the Chronicles section. 

  • 12/8/02: Posted another ride report in the Chronicles section. 

  • 12/3/02: It's out!  Just got my copy of Motorsports News Magazine in the mail and Milo's awesome wheely looks good on the cover!   

  • 11/26/02:Posted another trailride report in the Chronicles section.

  • 11/18/02:In a bold, unprecedented, block-pass move on Doug B., Chris H. becomes the first entrant for both events for 2003!  Sheesh, we haven't even finished the flyers.

  • 11/16/02:Gave the site a little facelift and added an Archives menu, so this main page can load faster. Also updated the Calendar section with the 2003 events.

  • 11/12/02: We're kinda stoked!  Looks like we'll make the cover of Motorsports News Magazine twice in one year! It should be at your local bike shop newsstands within a couple weeks.

  • 11/7/02:Added the photos for the 2002 Rat Dog and a link to Doug B's 2002 Black Dog pix.  

  • 11/6/02:Added a page for our Dualsport Rider Magazine, since it has gotten so successful.

  • 11/4/02:The 2003 OMRA Dualsport Event Calendar is now posted, so go check it out!  Our calendar will be updated with this info soon.

  • 10/31/02:Well it appears that we may actually have a live message board now, so please post away (select from the upper-left menu)!

  • 10/30/02:Finished up the this year's Rat Dog article in the Chronicles section. Will add the pictures within a couple days. Also posted another ride report of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in the Chronicles section. 

  • 10/21/02: Okay, the message board is still not working well, so give us some time and we'll get it working.

  • 10/18/02:I updated our message board to be something more tolerable with no stinkin' pop-up ads!  Go check it out and show us some love!  The Rat Dog article is due this week for the mag and we'd love to get some great quotes and stories, so post away! 

  • 10/12/02:I got suckered into being the OMRA Webmaster, so I've transferred all OMRA Dualsport Series info over to the OMRA site.  Also gave the OMRA site a big facelift, so go check it out!

  • 10/10/02:Posted the updated and final 2002 OMRA Dualsport Series points totals in the OMRA section!

  • 10/8/02:Posted the pictures for the Bulldog Dualsport Ride and the recent Horny Wolf Dualsport Ride

  • 10/4/02:Posted the update OMRA Dualsport Series points to include the Rat Dog totals.  Only one event left (Lobo's Horny Wolf this weekend) for the series! 

  • 10/1/02:Posted results from the World Cup of MX in the Chronicles section. Story and pix will come later.

  • 9/27/02:Posted the Bulldog Dualsport ride report in the Chronicles section.

  • 9/26/02:A few of us (Stevie Ray, Danno and I) already had tickets to fly down to the ill-fated Motocross Des Nations fiasco in Southern California, which will forever give the USA a black eye (you can read about it at Cycle News or RacerX).  Looks like we'll at least get to see 'some' racing at Glen Helen for a makeup race, now called the World Cup Of Motocross.  We'll keep you posted. We STILL plan on having a good time, whether we want to or not!  

  • 9/24/02:The Lobos M/C website appears to still be dead, so I've scanned a flyer for their upcoming Horny Wolf Dualsport Ride and linked it to the Calendar section.

  • 9/23/02: It's done, ba-bee! Many thanks to many people for their help at the Rat Dog and now we'll start thinking about next year's events, but not till we've gone out and done some riding just for fun!

  • 9/19/02:Evidently, there's been a few times that our website has been down.  Our web host, Powweb, said they were doing server upgrades, so there should be no more downtime.  Also posted some simple driving directions to get to the Rat Dog staging area at Trask County Park.

  • 9/17/02:Posted a couple updates in the Rat Dog section. Be sure to keep checking back for more updates as the week progresses for the event!

  • 9/13/02: Happy ! Added a helpful check-off list and course descriptions in the Rat Dog section for those that are still unclear on what to expect at our rides.  Also got the flyer for the upcoming October 6, Lobos M/C "Horny Wolf" Dualsport Ride in the mail.  Their website appears to be dead, so you can contact them at: phone: (503)-656-5801 or email: N7WXD@aol.com for a flyer.

  • 9/11/02:Added a reminder note in the Rat Dog section for you riders to be sure and bring a small gas can to store in your truck, so you can top off after your first loop (of the figure-eight course).  

  • 9/6/02:The Rat Dog Pre-Ride Poop Sheet is now available for download and will be mailed out to all the pre-entered riders who properly followed directions and included two return envelopes. Also inserted Mike Sheetz account of the Dirt Rider Mag 24-Hour Ride invite story.

  • 9/3/02:Did some updates to the Rat Dog section.

  • 8/27/02:  For some reason, MSN had killed some of our pages (like the informative about the historic Trask ISDE race and the 2001 Rat Dog Pix), so I've now fixed the links and they're working again.  Also posted the latest OMRA Dualsport Series points totals in the OMRA section.

  • 8/23/02:  Finally posted the ride report for the Prospect 100 Dualsport in the Chronicles section.

  • 8/16/02:  Posted the latest OMRA Dualsport Series points totals in the OMRA section.

  • 8/11/02:  Posted a ride report in the Chronicles section on the Trailsmen M/C's Kid's Field Day - what a hoot!  Finishing up the latest points totals on the OMRA Dualsport Series, so hang tough on that.

  • 8/5/02:  Posted a Rat Dog preride report and some pictures of the Prospect 100 Dualsport Ride in the Chronicles section. As soon as I get the pictures back for Washougal National MX, it'll be posted too.

  • 7/29/02:  Mystery rider exposed! This month's issue of Motorsports News Magazine has a picture from the Black Dog on the cover, but no one knew who it was. It finally sunk in today who it might be.  Go to the Black Dog section to see who it is! (Hint: initials are L. L.)

  • 7/27/02:  With the bad situation/outlook with Weyerhaeuser, we aren't taking any chances and have officially relocated the start/finish of the Rat Dog to the Trask County Park and NOT the Flying M Ranch. Please make a note of it! 

  • 7/24/02:  Looks as though we've been thrown a curve from Weyerhaeuser (new landowners of the Trask Mountain area).  Their initial plans are to close all their land to the public, which means we will have to relocate the Rat Dog event in the Tillamook area.  Stay tuned!

  • 7/20/02:  Our good friends at Maddox Photography posted this year's Black Dog pix on their site, so you can order copies, so check them out.  Some great shots - even some bails!  We're heading South this weekend to ride the MRA's Prospect 100 Dualsport - hope to see ya'll there!

  • 7/19/02:  The initial 2002 Black Dog article is posted in the Chronicles section! (due to a deadline for Motorsports News Magazine)  We also have a few more pictures to post, so keep checking back.

  • 7/17/02:  We have an urgent request for those of you that rode this year's Black Dog: please email me your comments/quotes ASAP (especially if they're funny), since I was informed I have a deadline of 7/18 evening to finish an article for Motorsports News Magazine.  Please email to: TawmN@blackdogdualsport.com  Thanks! -Tom

  • 7/15/02:  We are sooooo whipped!  The Black Dog is finished and we're bushed.  Will update soon, since there are plenty of pix and stories. 

  • 7/8/02:  Well, this is the last message, as we are spending the duration up on the mountain for you all getting the Black Dog ready, so see ya there!  

  • 7/7/02:  Added the flyer for the Bulldog Dualsport  in the Calendar section.  

  • 7/6/02: Added another Black Dog preride report in the Chronicles section.

  • 7/4/02:  Added the flyer for the MRA's Prospect 100  in the Calendar section.  Happy July 4th! 

  • 7/3/02:  Posted a Black Dog update.

  • 7/1/02:  The Black Dog Pre-Ride Poop Sheet is available.  Also check out the great props the AMA gave us with our mag on their website!

  • 6/27/02: Due to reasons beyond their control, Oregon_DSR has canceled their Gauntlet dualsport ride. We're sorry to see this happen, since we were looking forward to riding in a new area.  Maybe next year.

  • 6/23/02: Added another Black Dog preride report in the Chronicles section.

  • 6/21/02: Added a Black Dog preride report in the Chronicles section.

  • 6/19/02: Updated some minor options on the site and added a clock.

  • 6/14/02:  Charity donation request! Our friend Joe Lawry had a major accident on his Yamaha dualsport bike awhile back and bent his bike frame in a big way.  Joe is (fortunately!) doing better now, but his bike now 'dog tracks' down the road.  There is a charity program going on to get Joe a new bike frame.  Why should you donate? Because Joe is integral for many awesome trails that the Black Dog uses and he's on a fixed, retirement income.  If you feel compelled to donate any amount (as we are!), please send to our address, C/O "Joe Lawry Fund" and we will deliver to Joe (Note: this is a surprise to him).  Thanks in advance! (Also, re-updated the OMRA Dualsport Series results from the China Hat dualsport ride.) 

  • 6/11/02:  Wow! We're getting inundated with many kind words about our recently published Dualsport Rider Magazine!  Walt and I put in a ton of work on it in an effort to make it something of value and quality for you, the riders, and to promote dualsporting.  If you like it, I urge you to email your comments to Jerry Lenz of Beaverton Honda/Yamaha in care of   DSSTeam@aol.com   and let him know you want this thing to continue.  (Also, please visit WideOpenSports.com for your parts & accessories needs and let them know you would like to receive a Dualsport Rider Magazine with your next order.)  Let's just say it was a rather large cost to make/mail the mags and, if he doesn't get any good return on investment (press, customer feedback, etc.), it's questionable whether another issue will ever happen.  It is being mailed to my database of 2,500 and 11,000 are also going out to AMA members that have expressed interest in dualsporting. If you don't get one within the next couple weeks, email me with mailing info and I'll see if I can ship one out to you.  -Tom

  • 6/9/02:  I just got confirmation that our famous Black Dog massage therapist, Ilse, will once again grace our event this year.  Check out the details by clicking here!

  • 6/8/02:  I'm back from my biz trip to Taipei, so I'll get things up to date.  We have a ton of work ahead of us for the upcoming Black Dog! Also input the OMRA Dualsport Series results from the Simple Simon ride.  If you're thoroughly bored you can check out my escapades in Taiwan by clicking here.  -Tom

  • 5/31/02:  The Dualsport Rider Magazine is finished from the presses and is being mailed out now - Woohoo! If you were on our database, you should be receiving one in the mail soon.  Also FYI, I will be away all week on a biz trip and will be back on June 8, so don't expect any updates until then. -Tom

  • 5/30/02:  Updated the Rollchart section.

  • 5/28/02:  Updated the NOHVCC Conference article in the Chronicles section. 

  • 5/15/02:  Made a link to a list of Oregon's OHV riding areas as listed on OOHVA's site in the Links section.

  • 5/13/02:  Posted another ride report in the Chronicles section.

  • 4/28/02: Posted another ride report in the Chronicles section.

  • 4/23/02:  Posted pix from the Dirt Rider Magazine 24-Hour Test trip in the Chronicles section.

  • 4/19/02:  Posted some ride report pictures from the NOHVCC Conference in New Orleans (in the Chronicles section).  Also, we're almost finished with the upcoming flyer/mag.  Here's what the cover will look like.  Email us your mailing info if you want to be sure to be on the mailing list!

  • 4/10/02:  Posted the 2001 Rat Dog article. 

  • 4/8/02:  Working feverishly on the upcoming flyer/magazine.  We hope we have some substance in it that's worth reading by everyone, and we hope you'll want to keep it around in your glovebox.  They should be mailed out very soon.  If you want on our mailing list to receive one, send an email with name and address ASAP!

  • 4/5/02:  Due to numerous requests, added an archived article about the XR600 Dualsport Project Bike in the Chronicles section.

  • 3/31/02:  Added another ride report in the Chronicles section and posted the Simple Simon Dualsport flyer in the Calendar section.

  • 3/29/02:  Fixed the link for the 2001 Black Dog pictures, so you can now see the larger photos.

  • 3/26/02:  Added an option to get on our magazine/flyer mailing list.  We plan on mailing out flyers soon, so you'll want to be sure you're on our list!  (If you've ridden our events before, you're already on the list.) 

  • 3/19/02:  Added an OMRA Dualsport Series link.

  • 3/17/02:  Added a motorcycle humor link.

  • 3/15/02:  Updated the Black Dog info regarding the new staging area, which will now be Hemlock Meadows.

  • 3/11/02:  Flyers for both events (plus Gauntlet) are now posted! Also added a guest book feature and poll, so be sure to fill them out!

  • 3/9/02:  Added a listing of pre-entered riders for each event (so they can confirm their entries were received).

  • 3/3/02:  Updated some links and added another ride report.

  • 3/1/02:  Updated the Chronicles section to include the Black Dog ride reports from all the way back to '93.  Also added a section for Oregon_DSR's "The Gauntlet".

  • 2/26/02:  We FINALLY have our own full-blown domain - woohoo!  What this means is that we no longer use a redirect and have a MUCH higher access amount for everyone (no more stinking access limits!).  Also have 100mb of data storage, baby!  With that, you'll want to be SURE and update your  bookmark for us to the new, improved, current and 'real' URL above.  Updating of the website look & feel is now in process, so look for some changes soon!

  • 11/4/01:  The 2002 calendar of Oregon dualsport rides is officially posted in the Calendar section.   Plenty of rides for everyone!